Live An Active Balanced Life: Get Outside!

The Importance of Exercising Outdoors And Being Around Nature

My Moving Meditation:

Nature reframes your brain.

Health & Wellness are part of your lifestyle…Great job! If you dance you spend most of your time in a studio. Weight lifter? You’re in the gym. Spinning, you’re in a studio, on a bike to nowhere. That’s awesome and I’ve spent time in all the aforementioned. One thing – we all need to get outdoors! Getting outdoors resets your mind, makes you feel more connected and happier.

My Personal Story: New York To Cali 

I always had a love for the ocean but did not know how to swim.  Moving from NYC to Southern California was the catalyst to finally learn. And since my late husband, John, was not a land animal, and we wanted to swim together, it was a perfect time to learn.

Water has Powerful Positive Effects 

After many unsuccessful attempts in a pool, we went right to the source. Off to La Jolla Cove with fins, mask & snorkel in hand for me. “See the quarter mile buoy? We are going there and back. Go slow, there’s no rush.  Flip on your back & kick if you need a break.” Sure, just like that I’m thinking. But it was love at first sight for me. I was hooked immediately.  Being IN the ocean makes you feel alive. Plus, the vibrant sea life was a welcome & fascinating distraction, I wasn’t focused on the annoying part of my brain saying, “hey, you can’t swim!” 

Watch Out For Sea Life!

Ocean swimming became my therapy. It was probably our marriage counselor as well!  Of course there were times of close encounters of the animal kind. One time John & I were about a mile into our swim (we would swim 1 – 2 miles as our regular workout back in the day) & he screams, “I’ve been bit!” I swim faster-haha. Anyway, it turns out a seal popped up in front of us as if it were laughing at us! 

So, being outdoors, in or around nature, water, the woods, anything, resets your mind & body, & you might even have a close encounter of the animal kind for more added adventure!

Five Quick Tips To Add Nature To Your Life

1) Just take a walk outside.  Even five minutes will do the trick.

2) Stuck in the office? Set a timer for one minute.  Use imagery or Google your favorite place and take a mini mental break.

3) Get a plant or fresh flowers.

4) Even if you do not swim and are lucky enough to live near a body of water, just go in or near it.  The book, “Blue Mind” by Wallace J. Nichols, is a fabulous fact-based book on how the water inspires us. 

5) Get a fish tank or download a fish tank screensaver!

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