Live An Active Balanced Life: How To Appear More Confident & Youthful

Avoid the one posture that will add ten years to your appearance!

Forward Head 🙁

Rounded Shoulders 🙁

Be More Like A Giraffe & Less Like A Turtle!

Have you ever seen someone whose head arrives minutes before their body?

In an earlier blog (Live An Active Balanced Life: Make Your Life A Moving Meditation) I mentioned that I once had a client who desired to not look like her brother “the question mark.” To achieve that goal, I focused on stretches for pectoral muscles & strengthening of the mid back muscles. Success! Question mark posture be gone!

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

A Personal Story:

This past June an MRI revealed an interstitial Supraspinatus tear (that’s a tear in one of the Rotator Cuff Muscles). Awful timing for someone who enjoys ocean swimming June through about November. Off to physical therapy I go! It’s always good to have another set of eyes on your movement patterns even when one is in the fitness industry. 

The next day, while changing one of the reformer springs, I happen to glance in the mirror and my shoulders were rounded! Noooooo! So, with a little more mindfulness and an excellent physical therapist, I finally returned to swimming in six weeks and the shoulder is feeling better.  However, I continually have to check it before I wreck it to properly reeducate my neuromuscular movement pattern. 

Mindfulness improves your posture!

Steps to improving posture:

  1. Pick four times during the day, for example, 9, 12, 3 & 6. You can set an alarm as a reminder.  
  2. At those times just notice, are you a question mark? Are you wearing your shoulders as earrings? 
  3. Note how you feel, physically, emotionally? 
  4. Take one minute to sit or stand tall, lengthen your neck, and think of gently holding a walnut between your shoulder blades (not squeezing as that creates too much tension.)
  5. Note how you feel.  Perhaps longer, lighter, energized, more confident!

And Finally, The Fitness Fanatics Flashback

I thought of the original posture corrector!

Way back in the late 1980’s at a personal training facility on E. 49 Street, while wearing Adidas, (I just have to mention that to spell Adidas, I had to remember the mnemonic phrase All Day I Dream About Sex!) I had an idea. I could shadow my client for a week with a cattle prod in hand.  Each time they slouched, yeah, zap! Of course I was joking but I bet they would be standing tall as a result! Lumo Lift, that’s how we thought before fitness wearables!

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