Wellness Tips While Working From Home

Your Roadmap for Wellness While Working From Home!

As I write this it is Week 5 of the “Stay At Home” order during the Corona Virus Crisis. Here are wellness tips while working from home. However, these tips are applicable to times without a Pandemic.

Success For Working At Home Begins When You Wake Up!

The Body Friendly Wake Up:

I originally developed “The Body Friendly Wake Up” early in my fitness career…last century!

I have tweaked it over the years.

My Top Tips Upon Waking Up

  1. Take a deep breath in, and exhale.  Bringing awareness to your breath provides focus.
  2. Slowly bring your knees towards your chest. Give them a gentle morning hug. Option to twist your legs from one side & then the other.
  3. Follow up with ankle & wrist pumps to loosen those joints!

My Top Tips To Start Your Morning

  1. Sit at the edge of your bed and practice a simple short & sweet morning meditation. It can be as easy as 3 minutes of a deep inhale, long exhale. Finish by standing up slowly & do some shoulder rolls & head isolations.
  2. Drink water first! Add a squeeze of lemon if that is available.
  3. Sit down, unplugged, & write down 5 things you’d like to accomplish then prioritize those.

Wellness Tips While Working From Home:

What to do throughout the day to heighten energy & productivity:

  1. Stay hydrated!
  2. Take mini exercises breaks with either: 
    1. Spine roll downs from the wall.
    2. Planks/Push Ups
    3. Step or run in place if you need to get your heart going just a bit.

These breaks can be at the top of the hour of every 2-3 hours. You can make sure you stay hydrated by having a glass of water after these mini exercise time outs!

While Working From Home Take Time To Unplug!

Take breaks from news, emails, social media. Your eyes & brain need the rest!

Be Kind To Your Spine

How is your spine feeling?

My favorite Joseph Pilates quote is:

If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old.

If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

I am a big fan of Pilates Mat work!

Pilates mat exercises are beneficial now more than ever especially if you cannot get to the gym.

However, I sometimes hear, “I have trouble getting up & down from the floor to do Pilates Mat work.”

Two things!

1) Staying flexible requires mobility in different planes. I have some quick tips to assist in making one feel more comfortable & confident in accomplishing floor accessibility. Those are best reviewed in a private session.

2) I have developed virtual (& in person) sessions that can be performed standing, in a chair, seated on the floor and of course supine & prone. My “all vertical” sessions are great for balance & bone strengthening as well. I often add some barre & dance for some flare!

My tips to staying healthy will help you gain focus, energy & flexibility! 

One can still live an active balanced life even while working from home.

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