How To Spice Up Your Workout With Pilates Props!

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Improve your postural alignment with some great Pilates Props!

Why Use Pilates Props?

  1. Pilates props properly align your bones into place for more efficient movement patterns.
  2. With more efficient movement patterns, you will have stronger muscles and proper skeletal alignment which decreases your chance of injuries. This also will improve your overall athletic performance and the way you feel.
  3. Props add lots of challenge and variety to your exercise routine. For example, use the Pilates arc for an effective abdominal workout- go ahead, we dare ya! You will experience the Pilates stomach series in a very different way!
  4. Fun! Yes, this is fun!
  5. It will challenge your brain and boost neuroplasticity.


What you need for your personal workouts!

We mentioned the Pilates Arc above, but here are some more must haves!
1) We need more…rings!
no, not cowbell!
Find your adductors!

Yes, adductor strength is key to your overall muscular skeletal well being! Inner thighs are one of the weak links in the body. When you use your inner thighs more, you will also engage the pelvic floor more as well. Our favorite pick for a great adductor challenge is the Ultra-Fit Mini Circle !

2) Get on a roller when you can’t get to a massage!

Rollers are not only an excellent way to advance your abdominal workouts but they are essential props for myofascial release.  You can also add in weights for your upper body exercises as well.

3) Get to the Barre!

Barre workouts are essential for the bootie and legs! Get your own Barre and maybe it can also double for hanging clothes!

These are some of our favorite Pilates props to add to your workouts so you can
Live An Active Balanced Life

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