The Importance of Gratitude

Live An Active Balanced Life

Thank You To My Parents

In honor of my parents anniversary I want this to be a shout out to my wonderful & active parents. They instilled in me the importance of exercise & being able to laugh at yourself!  They are my role models for balance in life & they are still married after all these years! 

The Importance of Exercising When You Are Young

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

As my mom tells the story, when I was a baby she would begin each morning with her own version of head, shoulders, knees & toes with me.  She would sing, move & exercise with me thus instilling verbal, tactile & visual cues for a positive movement experience.  When I was a bit older we would walk to the Bronx Zoo, a significant walk from our apartment.  When I was about five she enrolled me in tap dance classes (which I loved!) & it continued from there! Ever since I can remember my parents always made sure we laughed & were active. 

My dad was on a soft ball league & a bowling league. My mom would workout to Jack LaLanne’s TV show*. She would read the NY Times on the floor while in a full side split! I remember them laughing & dancing to music at parties or just around our apartment. Probably what I sensed is that they smiled & laughed when moving! My brain was trained from the beginning that movement is good!

My Parents Introduced Me To The Importance of Living An Active Balanced Life!

Along with dance classes & enjoying NYC Theatre they always said, remember where you came from (that’s The Bronx!) and always be learning. Oh, of course be able to laugh at yourself! These are all the ingredients that have helped me through my most tumultuous times to this day. It is the combination of movement, continued learning & laughing that also have contributed to the success of my studio, Gotham Pilates.

Which Brings Me To Another Shout Out: 

Thank You La Jolla & The Gotham Pilates Family!

Still going and we’re on year 14! Also, we made third place on the list for Best Pilates Studio in the La Jolla Light’s Best of La Jolla Readers Poll 2019. Boutique fitness & wellness studios are a highly competitive market in La Jolla and we are extremely grateful!

Being Grateful Increases Happiness & Positivity!

Helpful hints to lift your spirits & energy:

  1. Simply breathe & begin your moment of gratitude there.
  2. Drink H20! While you’re at it be thankful for water! And, staying hydrated provides energy & clear thoughts.
  3. Feeling stressed? A moment of gratitude will calm your body & mind.

*Jack LaLanne was the “Godfather of Fitness.”  

Check these out:

And Jack’s wife, Elaine LaLanne is still alive!

This is a great interview with Elaine & son Jon

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