Live An Active Balanced Life: Make Your Life A Moving Meditation

Movement, activity, and dance has always been an integral part of my life.  Activity is my personal panacea.  It can remedy a variety of issues from emotional to physical.

Additionally, anatomy and the mechanics of movement has always intrigued me. I even tried to attain correct posture throughout my day, even before I knew what that meant.

I want my blogging journey to embody mindfulness & flowing movement as a lifestyle. Live an active, balanced life. 

I try to instill this in my clients: The concepts that we practice inside the Pilates studio should seamlessly transfer  to “real life.” In reality, what I teach my clients is how to quickly recalculate (the mind and body) for surprises in life.

Where to Start:

The back story: When I opened Gotham Pilates, La Jolla, in  August 2005, I decided on a philosophy for the studio: Use what is available today to create symmetry and balance in your body.  Honor your body. Everybody’s body is different every day!

When the body is more aligned and centered, it positively effects the mind. This allows the ability to be present.

Having heightened awareness, or being present, allows us to move and think more clearly and freely. Effortlessly, without expending unnecessary energy; energy that could be better spent elsewhere!

Easy peasy, right? Ha! If one lived in a bubble, sure.  But we are real humans in real life, with an abundance of variables hurling their way at us moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day, well, you get the idea.

Increase Your Body Awareness: Essential To Achieve Moving Meditation

Where to start?  Becoming more aware of one’s movement patterns is the first step toward making positive physical changes. Feeling more aligned results in increased energy. This combination results in being more productive and this will translate into more positive personal & professional relationships.

Although I focus more on form, function, and quality of life, the concept of when one looks better, one feels better is out there in the universe. Of course, “better” can be defined by YOU, not others! Feel better from the inside out.

Having said that, I want to mention the importance of posture. My favorite Joseph Pilates quote is: “If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.” Joseph Pilates believed the spine was key to physical & emotional well being.

Alignment Tip:

Stand, lengthen your body as much as you can, as if your body was a rubber band being stretched in two different directions.  Feels nice, yes? More space, more room to breathe, to think clearly, and, appear more youthful.  Once I had a client write as her goal: “To not look like my older brother, the question mark.  I want to look more like an !”  So…be more like an ! and be aligned!Posted in: Body AwarenessMeditationMindfulnessMoving MeditationPilatesFiled under: #health#mindfulness#movingmeditation#pilates#wellnessexercise

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