How Pilates Helps You Accept Change

Here are the five principles of Pilates:


These principles, when practiced regularly, help you accept change by reeducating your neuromuscular system. That, in turn, adapts your body and mind to seamlessly accept change. Accepting change will diminish stress and anxiety and instill a growth mindset. Hence, change can be an advantage to your total well being!

Putting the principles to use.

My approach is to re-educate the neuromuscular system by using imagery and positive reinforcement to produce efficient movement.  It’s basically cognitive behavior therapy for your body. Since movement comes from the brain you are re-wiring new pathways. This takes time. Change will happen. A quote of Joseph Pilates is, “Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.

Real Life Applications!

How Pilates Helps You Accept Change

Watch out for the unexpected!

As we know, life throws us curve balls. By embracing the above practices, we can acknowledge when we need to change. That provides us with the opportunity to move forward towards growth and positivity. Change is good!

Expect the unexpected!

One of the “Elders” in the Pilates world was the revered Kathy Grant. Many of her students often remarked that Kathy believed, “Pilates is for the unexpected.” One of Kathy’s anecdotes was about how she successfully dodged a close encounter with a NYC Taxi by basically using her “powerhouse” to keep her safe.

I’ve always instilled that what we learn inside the studio must be applied to real life. And it works!

One of my clients recently remarked that she slipped while holding her favorite platter. She did fall but she and the platter survived unscathed. My client attributed that save to her Pilates practice. Like Kathy Grant’s incident, my client realized that Pilates does prepare you for the unexpected!

My Pilates experience last century!

I was first introduced to the practice of Pilates while I was a student at New York University. At that time I did not appreciate the rewards of Pilates. Looking back, a disadvantage of youth was not being able to recognize practices that encourage change and personal growth!

My experience this century!

In 2016 I had a total hip arthroplasty. I started training six months prior to my surgery albeit at the time I was still in denial for the inevitable new hip! It was the expected unexpected! By training before my surgery, not only did I gain strength for surgery but my mind was already a more prepared for my bionic new hip! A lot of thanks also is attributed to my awesome physical therapist and surgeon!

In summary, the more you can accept and prepare for change, the easier time you will have with less frustration. Practice Pilates to build that muscle!

It takes both mind AND body to accept that change does happen.  The concepts and exercises in Pilates strengthens your mind and body to prepare for the unexpected and help you embrace it. Pilates helps you accept change.

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